Our Approach

Our innovative approach to helping people gain their driving independence has a proven track record of achieving excellent results

DriveAgain's winning formula for helping people with driving challenges, disabilities and injuries is rooted in the unique way we deliver services. Our philosophy is to offer services that meet four key objectives:

The Broadest Range Of Assessment And Training Tools:

We use multiple asessment tools and training methods to provide our clients with optimal results.


We provide clients with information, advice and options specific to their individual driving goals and abilities.


Our services are regularly reviewed for their effectiveness in assisting clients.

Results Oriented:

We constantly strive for excellence in client satisfaction and patient outcomes and we consistently see our clients achieve remarkable results.

We practice our service philosophy in everything we do at DriveAgain. Our results in helping people regain their driving independence is excellent. Our service approach has enabled us to develop solid relationships with a large network of referring organizations who know they can count on us to deliver. Some of our key referring partners are:


Insurance Companies

Legal firms


Government Ministries